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Always try and draw relevance in your study - if you can see and embrace it in life, the concepts have a far greater chance of being retained in your memory and will in fact boost your deep understanding.

Link: How Music Can Improve Memory | MindShift

Interesting short article on how music can help you retain information - winner

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Link: How to train your mind to remember anything


Joshua Foer says remem­ber­ing vast amounts of infor­ma­tion is a skill you can teach your­self

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The best thing to do before a big test?

There’s a better, scientifically proven place to start: With sleep.

Rested brains learn well and perform well. At a recent talk I gave, 80% of teens and adults self-reported sleeping less than six hours the previous night. Forget the fact that science shows the average adult needs more than eight hours and the average teen more than nine.

But are there ways of maximizing sleep and good work? Try these:

  1. Make sleep as important as other things
  2. Work towards that deadline
  3. Reconsider your commitments

photo via flickr:CC | owlbookdreams

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