This blog offers a host of strategies to help you get through the HSC year and beyond!

Relation tips, learning and study tools, interesting facts and inspirational quotes and images will hopefully make your study time a little better directed, successful and if nothing else, interesting!!

Always try and draw relevance in your study - if you can see and embrace it in life, the concepts have a far greater chance of being retained in your memory and will in fact boost your deep understanding.

Link: HSC Art - Written Paper

No doubt you are all hard at work, finishing your major works for submission, so favourite this post for later reference: The HSC Online link for the written paper (valuable hints written by experienced teachers and markers that will help you get those extra marks)

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Link: Scientific method explained

Science students - ensuring you understand the procedure that underpins all scientific experiments may actually add value to your HSC results - review the process - remember we are about studying SMARTER not necessarily longer or harder!

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