This blog offers a host of strategies to help you get through the HSC year and beyond!

Relation tips, learning and study tools, interesting facts and inspirational quotes and images will hopefully make your study time a little better directed, successful and if nothing else, interesting!!

Always try and draw relevance in your study - if you can see and embrace it in life, the concepts have a far greater chance of being retained in your memory and will in fact boost your deep understanding.


Five Fingers of Evolution (by TEDEducation)

Having trouble remembering the 5 processes that impact evolution (small population, non-random mating, mutations, gene flow, adaptation)?  Learn the five-finger trick, and you’ll always have them at your fingertips (see what I did there?)!

Far too much loving this week biologists….

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An interactive history of mathematics conceived by America’s modern design legends. 

For all the keen mathematicians out there!!!

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An awesome World War II timeline app for the iPad. It’s $8.99, but it looks incredible.

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Here’s one for the Modern History Students - well worth a look!

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Influence: A Brief History
200 years of transformative moments
*Click-through to website for best zoom-in-age


Amazing … and useful….on so many levels

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Designing a Timeline

A great introduction for those of you who are interested. If you’re that motivated, there’s an easy and free(mium) one called Dipity, and a similar (but more visual and multimedia friendly) tool called Tiki-Toki.

(via Instructional Design Basics: Designing A Timeline | Upside Learning Blog)

For those of you who need to construct time lines (science,history,S&C, pdhpe, dance, art and more…) for reports or summaries this is priceless!! Click through the links to see some amazing tools!

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