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Approach to Answering MC Questions

When answering multiple choice questions remember these tips:

1. Analyze the stem carefully: Identify the key word and try to understand the question being asked. Incorrect interpretation of this step accounts for 30% of student mistakes.

2. Anticipate the answer: Think about the answer before you even look at the alternatives provided. This gets your brain actively thinking and also offers the opportunity to compare your answer to the alternatives. If your answer is not there, forget about it, and work only with the alternatives provided.

3. Consider all the options: Make sure you read all the possible answers, especially when the first alternative seems correct. The first answer may be correct, but the second may be the ‘more correct’ answer.

4. Compare the alternatives with each other: When several alternatives seem possible, or even none of them seem correct, compare the alternatives with each other to find the odd one out. Pay special attention to words that can alter the meaning of the question. the words “most often”, “likely”, “probably”, “could”, “might”, “should”, and “rarely”

5. Use a process of elimination: Once you have read all the alternatives, eliminate the absolute wrong ones. Normally there will remain two very similar answers to choose from. Choose the best answer between the remaining two.

6. Try not to Guess: If you feel that you need to guess then re-read the question again trying to fit the alternatives to the question. Also try reading the question individually with each alternative to find the best match. If you are still having difficulty, try forming your own answer to the question and then choose the closest alternative to your answer.

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